Conference Overview

June 4 - June 6, 2008: Conference
June 3, 2008: Pre-Conference Short Courses
Madison, Wisconsin

Challenges from Emerging Trends in Applications, Data, and Technology provides the opportunity to enable the major decision makers to use powerful statistical tools for policy decisions. It is one thing to have mountains of data, but it is another to have information. We must focus on the collections of data, availability of data, and the statistical processes that convert data to information.

New trends in applications are currently driving significant change in statistical practice. Organizational changes are empowering non-statisticians with statistical thinking and tools to drive improved business decisions. Technological changes, such as the use of computational experiments in physical and engineering sciences and in product and process design, and the reliability data instrumentation of today’s intelligent products are producing new kinds of data in unprecedented quantities and with unprecedented diversity. The present and future responses of statistical methodology to these challenges continue to shape statistical practice in quality, industry, and technology.

The 2008 conference will focus on theory and application of statistical methods in industrial and business settings to facilitate good data collection strategies, effective analysis, and connecting statistical results to guiding decision and policy.

The conference will be held in the Pyle Center, a facility of the University of Wisconsin Extension.

A Related Conference
The 15th Annual Spring Research Conference (SRC) on Statistics in Industry and Technology will be held May 19-21, 2008. The conference will take place in Atlanta, Georgia. It is hosted by the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering in the Georgia Institute of Technology.


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