2015 QPRC

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The 32nd Quality & Productivity Research Conference will be held at the College of Textiles at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC on June 10-12, 2015. A short course will be offered on June 9.  


The theme of this year's conference is Creativity and Innovation for a Connected World. The goal of the conference is to stimulate interdisciplinary research among statisticians, scientists, and engineers in quality and productivity, industrial needs, and the physical and engineering sciences. Statistical issues and research approaches drawn from collaborative research will be highlighted.


Conference Honoree

This year, the conference is pleased to honor Dr. Janet Myhre, Professor Emeritus at Claremont McKenna College, following over 40 years as Professor of Statistics. Her teaching at Claremont McKenna featured her creation of "Clinic," which was a program funded externally to provide real-life consulting projects for students. Concurrent with her academic career, she formed her own consulting company to work on reliability problems for the Navy, and continues to do so to this day. She has made tremendous impact at the Navy, especially integrating the use of fault trees into their culture. She has also worked on confidence bounds for complex reliability systems. She is trusted by high-ranking Navy officers as an independent reviewer of all reliability projects, and her current contributions were recognized by a prestigious lifetime achievement award. Dr. Myhre is an ASA Fellow, was the leader of the Southern California Chapter of the ASA for many years, and still serves as Chapter Representative.















Company Tour

On the evening of June 11, attendees are invited to tour the SAS campus and attend a reception and presentation on LEED certification and environmental initiatives.