Contributed Program
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Analysis of Reliability Data

Session Chair: Harry Ascher, Harold E. Ascher & Associates

Reliability Data Analysis for Designed Experiments
Laura J. Freeman and G. Geoffrey Vining
Virginia Tech

A Comparison of Maximum Likelihood and Median Rank Regression for Weibull Estimation
Ulrike Genschel, William Q. Meeker
Iowa State University

An Application of Reliability Model for Static Fatigue Test
Winson Taam
The Boeing Company

Reliability Estimation and Confidence Regions from Subsystem and System Tests via Maximum Likelihood
James C. Spall
Johns Hopkins University

Statistical Process Control

Session Chair: Nien-Fan Zhang, NIST

Control Charts for Poisson Count Data with Varying Sample Sizes
Anne G. Ryan and William H. Woodall
Virginia Tech

A Review of Control Charts for High Quality Processes
John L. Szarka, III and William H. Woodall
Virginia Tech

A Resetting Design of the Manufacturing Process for the EPC and the SPC
Changsoon Park
Chung-Ang University

A Follow-Up Change Point Estimation Procedure to Identify the Time of a Step Change in Time Between Events (TBE) Control Charts
Eralp Dogu
Dokuz Eylul University

Assessment of Statistical Performance

Session Chair: Pete Hovey, University of Dayton

Variance Components - A Visual and Hands-on Approach to Comparing Computational Methods
Janis Dugle
Abbott Laboratories

Donít Use Rank Sum Tests to Analyze Factorial Designs
Xin (Lucy) Lu
University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Using Actual Repairs and Repair Parts Use to Project Future Needs
Carolyn Carroll
Stat Tech Inc.

Should (T1-T2) Have Larger Uncertainty Than T1?
Will Guthrie

Experiment Design: Selection and Optimization

Session Chair: Pat Whitcomb, Stat-Ease Inc.

Multi-Objective fMRI Designs with Unequal Epoch Lengths via An Hybrid NSGA-II
Ming-Hung Kao
Arizona State University

Optimal Nonregular Designs of 32 runs and Their Projection Properties
Hong Zhou and Debra Ingram
Arkansas State University

A Maximin Model-Robust Exchange Algorithm and its Generalization
Byran J. Smucker, Enrique del Castillo, and James L. Rosenberger
The Pennsylvania State University

Quaternary-Code Designs: A New Class of Nonregular Fractional Factorial Designs
Frederick K. H. Phoa
Academia Sinica

Development and Selection of Statistical Models

Session Chair: Andrew Rukhin, NIST

A Prediction-Based Model Selection Approach
Huaiqing Wu
Iowa State University

Generalized Selective Assembly: A Methodology for Quality Improvement
Matthias H. Y. Tan and C.F. Jeff Wu
Georgia Tech

Internet VoIP Traffic Analysis and Modeling
B. Xi, H. Chen, W. S. Cleveland, and T. Telkamp
Purdue University

Development and Use of Foldover Methods

Session Chair: Robert Mee, University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Use of the Fold-Over Technique to Resolve an Ambiguity on the MESSENGER Resistor Problem
Manny Uy
Johns Hopkins University

Another Look at Semifoldover for Two-Level Orthogonal Designs
David J. Edwards
Virginia Commonwealth University

Optimal Blocked Semifoldover Designs
William Li and Po Yang
University of Minnesota and DePaul University

Sequential Synthesis of Nanomaterials via Level Expansion
Youngdeok Hwang
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Computer Experiments

Session Chair: Max Morris, Iowa State University

Construction of Nested Orthogonal or Nearly Orthogonal Designs for Computer Experiments
Jun Li and Peter Z. G. Qian
University of Wisconsin

Multi-Layer Designs for Computer Experiments
Shan Ba and V. Roshan Joseph
Georgia Institute of Technology

A Simple Approach to Emulation for Computer Models With Qualitative and Quantitative Factors
Qiang Zhou, Peter Z.G. Qian, Shiyu Zhou
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Sequential Experiment Design for Emulator and Predictive Maturity
Brian Williams1, Jason Loeppky,2 and Leslie Moore1
1Los Alamos National Laboratory and 2University of British Columbia - Okanagan

Statistical Methods in Metrology

Session Chair: Daniel Jeske, University of California - Riverside

The Prediction Properties of Classical and Inverse Regression for the Simple Linear Calibration Problem
Sara R. Wilson

Confidence Intervals for Clock Offset in Networks with Bivariate Exponential Delays
Jeff Pettyjohn, Daniel R. Jeske, Jun Li, and Barry C. Arnold
University of California - Riverside

A Simple, Robust, and Candid Approach for Expressing the Uncertainty of Repeated Measurements
Volker Abel
Munich University of Applied Sciences

Laplace Random Effects Models for Interlaboratory Studies
Andrew L. Rukhin and Antonio Possolo

Multivariate SPC

Session Chair: Bill Woodall, Virginia Tech

Multivariate Nonparametric Shewhart-Type Control Charts
Jeffrey M. Boone and Subhabrata Chakraborti
The University of Alabama

Real-Time Multivariate Process and Product Monitoring
David E. Stevens
Eastman Chemical Company

A Multistep, Cluster-Based Multivariate Chart for Retrospective Monitoring of Individuals
J. Marcus Jobe and Michael Pokojovy
Miami University and Universitaet Konstanz

Self-Starting Multivariate Control Charts for Location and Scale
Edgard M. Maboudou
University of Central Florida

Use and Impact of Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement

Session Chair: I-Li Lu, The Boeing Corporation

Assessing the Impact of Taguchi Methods on UK Manufacturing Organisations: an Empirical Study and Agenda for Further Research
Jiju Antony and Ross Stevenson
University of Strathclyde

Predictive Model Development for Surgical Site Infection in Transplant Patients: a Pediatric Pilot Study
Aleksandra Stein and Valeriya Kettelhut
University of Nebraska-Lincoln and University of Nebraska Medical Center

Statistical Detection of Medical Provider Insurance Fraud and Abuse: Follow the Money
Andrea L. Long
Bell Laboratories (Ret.)

A Quality, Reliability and Continuous Improvement (QRCII) Non-Profit, Public Service Institute.
Jorge Luis Romeu
Syracuse University

Likelihood and Bayesian Methods in SPC

Session Chair: Will Guthrie, NIST

The Missing-Index Problem in Process Control
Joseph G. Voelkel
Rochester Institute of Technology

Pareto Charting Using Unsupervised, Freestyle Text Data and Two-Stage "Human-Assisted Modeling"
Theodore T. Allen and Hui P. Xiong
The Ohio State University

Controlling Attribute Type Data From a Bayesian Perspective
Panagiotis Tsiamyrtzis
Athens University of Economics & Business.

A Multivariate CUSUM Chart Accommodating Prior Information About Potential Shifts
Wei Liu and Peihua Qiu
University of Minnesota