Plenary Speakers
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Reliability Inference Based on Multistate and Degradation Models

Dr. Vijay Nair, University of Michigan
Guest of Honor

Think Big, Think Different: Designing Experiments for National Security and Public Policy

Dr. Stephen Fienberg, Carnegie Mellon University

Designed Experiments that Changed the World

Dr. Bradley Jones, JMP

Kaizen at Google Scale

Dr. Diane Lambert, Google

Invited Program
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Advancements in Mixture Design

Organizers: Mark J. Anderson and Pat Whitcomb, Stat-Ease Inc.
Session Chair: Mark J. Anderson, Stat-Ease, Inc.

State-of-the-Art Tools for Designing Mixture Experiments
Pat Whitcomb and Mark J. Anderson
Stat-Ease Inc.

Model-Robust Mixture Experiment Designs
Greg F. Piepel
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Mining Mixture Data to Find the Most Reliable Prediction Model
Dean V. Neubauer
Corning Inc./RIT

Designing Statistical Experiments in Industry

Organizer and Session Chair: Sabyasachi Basu, The Boeing Company

Designing Multi-Step Process Experiments
Jose G. Ramirez
W.L. Gore

Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments with Controllable and Uncontrollable Factors
Murat Kulahci
Technical University of Denmark

DoE in the Product Life Cycle
Stephen Jones
The Boeing Company

Reliability Analysis: Fundamental Aspects and Methods

Organizer and Session Chair: Sneh Gulati, Florida International University

Productivity and Reliability Aspects in Drug Development
Amarjot Kaur and Ansuman Bagchi
Merck and Schering Plough

Goodness-of-Fit Tests Based on Arbitrarily Censored Samples
Zhenmin Chen
Florida International University

Anatomy of the Failure Rate Function: A Mathematical Dissection
Nozer D. Singpurwalla
DARPA and George Washington University

Prognostics-Based Models and Reliability

Organizer and Session Chair: Aparna Huzurbazar, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Real-time Prognostics-Based Identification of Mission/Task-Capable Units in a Fleet
Nagi Gebraeel
Georgia Tech

A Proactive Analytical Process for Aircraft Maintenance
I-Li Lu
The Boeing Company

Prognostic Models Based on Nonparametric and Semiparametric Flowgraphs
David Collins
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Auxiliary Information in Reliability and Applications in Computational Probability

Organizer: Paul Kvam, Georgia Tech
Session Chair: Peter Z. G. Qian, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Expert Opinion in Risk and Reliability: Technical Challenges and Recent Developements
Ali Mosleh
Center for Risk and Reliability, University of Maryland College Park

Warranty Prediction Based on Auxiliary Use-Rate Information
Yili Hong
Department of Statistics, Virginia Tech

Computational Probability Applications
Lawrence Leemis
Dept. of Mathematics, The College of William and Mary

Semi-Supervised Learning

Organizers: George Michailidis, Univ. of Michigan and Mark Culp, West Virginia Univ.
Session Chair: Dan Samarov, NIST

On Propagated Scoring for Semi-Supervised Additive Models
Mark Culp
West Virginia University

Adversarial Classification
Bowei Xi
Purdue University

Estimation of Heterogeneous Binary Markov Networks
George Michailidis
University of Michigan

Advancing Clarity and Scale in Statistical Computing

Organizer: George Ostrouchov, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Session Chair: John Lu, NIST

Statistical Algorithms for Polyenergetic Breast Tomosynthesis Image Reconstruction
Julianne Chung
University of Maryland

Detecting Tiny Signals in Massive Data from High-Energy Physics
Karen Kafadar
Indiana University

Data-Parallel Statistical Computing: a Model Based Clustering Example
George Ostrouchov
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Some Recent Research Progress in Statistical Process Control

Organizer and Session Chair: Peihua Qiu, University of Minnesota

Control Charts for Health Care Monitoring Under Overdispersion
Willem Albers
Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Twente

Statistical Methods for Profiling Nanoparticles
Yu Ding
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Texas A&M University

Statistical Monitoring of Univariate Non-Gaussian Processes
Peihua Qiu
School of Statistics, University of Minnesota

Modeling Financial Risk

Organizer: Bonnie Ray, IBM
Session Chair: Galit Shmueli, University of Maryland

Estimating the Term Structure With a Semiparametric Bayesian Population Model: An Application to Corporate Bonds
Alejandro Cruz-Marcelo, Katherine B. Ensor, and Gary L. Rosner
Dept. of Statistics, Rice Univ. and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Univ. of Texas

Identifying Systemic Risk through Model-based Clustering of Multivariate Zero-inflated Time Series of Counts
Sarah J. Thomas
Department of Statistics, Rice University

Recovering the Tail Shape of the Risk Neutral Density from Option Prices with Applications in Risk Management
Kam Hamediah
Department of Statistics, Rice University

COM-Poisson Models

Organizer: Galit Shmueli, University of Maryland
Session Chair: Sarah J. Thomas, Rice University

A Data Disclosure Policy for Count Data Based on the COM-Poisson Distribution
Galit Shmueli
University of Maryland

Regression Models for Count Data with Constant or Observation-Level Dispersion
Kimberly Sellers
Georgetown University

Marketing Applications of the COM-Poisson
Sharad Borle
Rice University

Randy Sitter Technometrics Session

Organizer: David Steinberg, Tel Aviv University
Session Chair: Vijay Nair, University of Michigan

On Modeling and Forecasting Time Series of Smooth Curves
Haipeng Shen
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Online Prediction under Model Uncertainty Via Dynamic Model Averaging: Application to a Cold Rolling Mill
Adrian Raftery
University of Washington

Robustness and Optimality in Experiment Design

Organizer: Boxin Tang, Simon Fraser University
Session Chair: David J. Edwards, Virginia Commonwealth University

Construction of Low Aberration Strength-Two Orthogonal Arrays
Robert Mee and Xin Lu
University of Tennessee - Knoxville

Robustness of Design in Dose-Response Studies
Doug Wiens
University of Alberta

Optimal Supersaturated Design for Variable Selection via Lasso
Yu Michael Zhu
Purdue University

Bayesian Statistical Process Control

Organizer and Session Chair: Panagiotis Tsiamyrtzis, Dept. of Statistics, Athens University of Economics & Business.

A Bayesian Approach to Monitoring the Mean of a Multivariate Normal Process
Frank B. Alt1 and Scott D. Grimshaw2
1University of Maryland College Park
2Brigham Young University

A Bayesian Approach to Change Point Estimation in Multivariate SPC
Rong Pan1 and Steven E. Rigdon2
1Arizona State University
2Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

Recursive Sequential Bayesian Algorithm for Bio-Surveillance
Gideon Zamba
University of Iowa.

Experiment Design in Non-Traditional Settings

Organizers: Joe Voelkel, RIT and Ron Kenett, KPA Management Consulting
Session Chair: Joe Voelkel, Rochester Institute of Technology

The Use of Common Random Numbers with Stochastic Kriging
Bruce Ankenman
Northwestern University

Recent Advances on Computer Experiments
Dennis K.J. Lin
The Pennsylvania State University

Optimal Designs for Two-Level Factorial Experiments with Binary Response
Abhyuday Mandal1, Jie Yang2 and Dibyen Majumdar2
1University of Georgia and 2University of Illinois

Generalized Pivot Quantity Methods

Organizers: Chih-Ming Wang, NIST and Hari Iyer, Colorado State
Session Chair: Chih-Ming Wang, NIST

Inference for the Lognormal Mean and Quantiles Based on Samples with Non-Detects
Thomas Mathew
University of Maryland Baltimore County

On Fiducial Inference in Linear Mixed Models
Jan Hannig
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Fiducial Prediction Intervals
Chih-Ming (Jack) Wang

Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments

Organizer and Session Chair: Brian Williams, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Accurate Emulators for Computer Experiments With Large-Volume Data
Peter Z.G. Qian and Ben Haaland
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Posterior Exploration for Computationally Intensive Forward Models
Shane Reese, David Higdon, David Moulton, Jasper Vrugt, and Colin Fox
Los Alamos National Laboratory and Univ. of Otago

Gaussian Surrogates for Models with Inputs and Outputs that are Functions of Time
Max Morris
Iowa State University

Spatial Statistics and Applications

Organizer and Session Chair: Hao Zhang, Purdue University

Modeling Point Processes with Spatially Dependent Marks
Chae Young Lim and Sarat C. Dass
Michigan State University

An Analysis of Kansas Temperature Data
Chunsheng Ma
Wichita State University

Correcting for Signal Attenuation from Noisy proxy Data in Climate Reconstructions
Bo Li
Purdue University