Contributed Program

Tuesday, June 5

Contributed Session 1A
Tuesday, 130pm-3pm
Title: Change-Point Detection
Chair: Daniel R. Jeske, University of California - Riverside

Performance Evaluation Of Certain Procedures For Reacting To A Change In Distribution When The Post-Change Parameter Is Unknown
Sven Knoth, Helmut Schmidt University, Germany
Aleksey S. Polunchenko and Grigory Sokolov, University of Southern California

Univariate and Data-Depth Based Multivariate Control Charts Using Trimmed Mean And Winsorized Standard Deviation
Kumaresh Dhara, Kushal Kr. Dey, Bikram Karmakar, Sukalyan Sengupta., Indian Statistical Institute

An Adaptive Nonparametric Shewhart-Type Linear-Rank Control Chart
Gary R. Mercado and S. Chakraborti, The University of Alabama

Partial Sliced Inverse Regression for Quality-Relevant Multivariate Statistical Process Monitoring
Yue Yu, University of Illinois, Chicago
Zhijie Sun, University of Southern California

Contributed Session 1B
Tuesday, 130pm-3pm
Title: Design of Experiments
Chair: Zhanpan Zhang, GE Global Research

An Application of Fractional Factorial Designs to Study Drug Combinations
Jessica Jaynes, Xianting Ding, Hongquan Xu, Weng Kee Wong, Chih-Ming Ho, UCLA

How to Design Experiments when Categoric Mixture Components Go to Zero
Pat Whitcomb, Stat-Ease, Inc.

Reliability Experiments with Random Blocks and Subsampling
Jennifer Kensler, Virginia Tech

Optimal blocking and semifoldover plans for two-level factorial designs
Po Yang, Depaul University

Contributed Session 1C
Tuesday, 1:30pm-3pm
Title:  Control Charts
Chair: Ron Fricker, Naval Postgraduate School

Control Charts for Simultaneous Monitoring of Unknown Means and Variances of Normally Distributed Processes
Amanda Kaye  McCracken and Subha  Chakraborti, The University of Alabama
Amitava  Mukherjee, Aalto Univerity, Finland

Process Monitoring Strategies for Evaluating Process Performance
Joanne Wendelberger, Brian Weaver, Larry Ticknor, David Collins, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Optimization and Efficiency Analysis of the EWMA Procedure for Detecting Changes in the Exponential Distribution
Aleksey S. Polunchenko, Grigory Sokolov, Alexander G. Tartakovsky, University of Southern California

Interactive SPC – A Textile Quality Case Study
Scott Wise, SAS Institute

Wednesday, June 6

Natrella Session
Wednesday, 1:30pm-3pm
Session Organizer and Chair:  Will Guthrie, NIST

A Review of Process Capability Indices
M. Z. Anis, Indian Statistical Institute

From Fault Detection to Diagnosis: An Investigation using Statistical Process Control and Visual Analytics in High-Density Data Environments
Fadel M. Megahed, Virginia Tech

Contributed Session 2A
Wednesday, 1:30pm-3pm
Title:  Control Charts
Chair: Tatev Ambartsoumian, University of California - Riverside

Do I Need 5 or 10 Parts to Check if my Measurement Processes are Acceptable?
Victor Aguirre Torres, ITAM
Teresa López Alvarez, Kraft

Calculating Run Length Quantiles — Go Beyond the Famous and Simple ARL
Sven Knoth, Helmut Schmidt University, Germany

Empirical Likelihood Confidence Regions for the Evaluation of Continuous-Scale Diagnostic Test in the Presence of Verification Bias
Binhuan Wang, Georgia State University

Empirical likelihood based change point detection method.
Yijie Xue, University of Georgia

Contributed Session 2B
Wednesday, 1:30pm-3pm
Title:  Bayesian and Reliability Applications
Chair: J. Marcus Jobe, MIami University (Ohio)

Bayesian Method for Reliability Analysis
Ming Li , GE Global Research Center
William Q. Meeker, Iowa State University

Estimation of Curvature: Large Data for Small Problems
James G. Wendelberger, Urban Science Applications, Inc. and The University of New Mexico

Bayesian Errors-in-Variables Calibration of a Nonlinear Metrology Tool
William Guthrie, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Bayesian Analysis to Determine Predictors' Relative Importance
Xiaoyin Wang, Towson University