Invited Program

Tuesday, June 5

Invited Session 1A
Tuesday, 10:30am - Noon
Title:  Multivariate Methods for Quality Improvement
Organizer:  Connie Borror, Arizona State University
Chair: Connie Borror, Arizona State University

A Bayesian Approach to Change Point Estimation in Multivariate SPC
Steven E. Rigdon, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Rong Pan, Arizona State University

Assessment of Demerits and an Ordinal Alternative
Justin Chimka, University of Arkansas
Qilu Wang, University of Arkansas

A Control Chart Based On a Nonparametric Multivariate Change-Point Model 
Mark Holland, Medtronic
Douglas Hawkins, University of Minnesota

Invited Session 1B
Tuesday, 10:30am-Noon
Title:  Reliability for Complex Systems
Organizer:  Alyson Wilson, Institute for Defense Analysis
Chair: Christine Anderson-Cook, Los Alamos Laboratories

Estimating Go Probabilities from Impact Accelerated Tests
Brian Weaver and Scott Vander Wiel
Statistical Sciences Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Assuring End to End Availability of Complex Systems
Abhaya Asthana
Software and Solution Reliability, Bell Labs CTO

Meta-Analysis for the Assessment of Defense System Reliability
Laura Freeman
Operational Evaluation Division, Institute for Defense Analyses

Invited Session 1C
Tuesday, 10:30am-Noon
Title:  What's New in Fractional Factorial Designs?
Organizer:  Robert W. Mee, University of Tennessee
Chair: Robert W. Mee, University of Tennessee

Examples of Efficient Design with Minimal Aliasing
Bradley Jones, SAS and Universiteit Antwerpen

Compromise Blocking Schemes For Two-Level Fractional Factorial Designs With Clear Two-Factor Interactions
Hongquan Xu, UCLA

Double Semifolding 2^(k-p) Designs
David Edwards - VCU

Invited Session 2A
Tuesday, 4pm-5:30pm
Title:  Customer Care
Organizer:  Terry Callanan, Carestream Health
Chair: Terrance P. Callanan, Carestream Health

Improving Customer Satisfaction Using a Proven Data-Driven, Customer-Centric Methodology
Jeff Miller, Senior VP Client Experience, 3 Day Blinds

How to Take a Fortune 200 Company and Make Satisfaction and Loyalty Matter
Jim Bampos, VP Customer Quality, EMC2 Corporation

Cumulative Logistic Regression Models with Ordinal Explanatory Variables:  Application to Customer Care Metrics
Li Guo and Daniel Jeske, University of California - Riverside
Terry Callanan, Carestream Health

Invited Session 2B
Tuesday, 4pm-5:30pm
Title:  Modern Reliability for Field Analysis
Organizer:  Ming Li, GE Global Research
Chair: Ming Li, GE Global Research

Balancing Multi-Level Reliability Models to Maximize Service Contract Profitability
Brock Osborn and Kati Illouz, GE Global Research

Integrated Reliability Centered Maintenance Programs for the Designs of Power Plants
I-Li Lu, Boeing Research & Technology

Photodegradation Path Modeling and Analysis with Nonlinear Mixed Models
Yili Hong, Virginia Tech

Invited Session 2C
Tuesday, 4pm-530pm
Title:  Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments
Organizer:  Peter Qian, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Chair: David Edwards, Virginia Commonweath University

Gaussian Process Enhanced Importance Sampling
Keith R. Dalbey and Laura P. Swiler, Sandia Labs

Fitting the Gaussian Process Model to Optimize Predictive Capability
Kathryn Kennedy, Arizona State University

Samurai Sudoku-Based Space-Filling Designs
Peter Qian, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wednesday, June 6

Invited Session 3A
Wednesday, 10:30-Noon
Title:  Applications of SPC to Survival Analysis
Organizer:  Emmanuel Yaschin, IBM
Chair: Bill Woodall, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Monitoring Time to Failure Events
Stefan Steiner, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada

Guaranteed Conditional Performance of Control Charts via Bootstrap Methods
Axel Gandy,  Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

On Monitoring Survival and Warranty Data
Emmanuel Yashchin, IBM Research Division, Yorktown Heights, NY,  USA

Invited Session 3B
Wednesday, 10:30-Noon
Title:  Modern Methods for Finding Clusters in Data
Organizer:  Ery Arias-Castro, University of California - San Diego
Chair: Xinping Cui, University of California - Riverside

Scalable Detection of Anomalous Patterns with Connectivity Constraints
Skyler Speakman, Edward McFowland III , Daniel B. Neill, Carnegie Mellon

Clustering on Longitudinal Data Using Penalized Splines and Pseudo Likelihood
Xinping Cui, Nigie Shi, James Borneman, University of California -Riverside

Co-clustering Spatial Data Using a Generalized Linear Mixed Model with Application to Integrated Pest Management
Zhanpan Zhang, GE Global Research
Daniel R. Jeske, Xinping Cui, and Mark Hoddle, University of California - Riverside

Invited Session 3C
Wednesday, 10:30-Noon
Title:  DOE for Test and Evaluation
Organizer:  Rachel Silvestrini, Naval Postgraudate School
Chair: Doug Montgomery, Arizona State University

Sequential Experimentation with Cost-constrained Response Surface Designs
Brian Stone and Ira A. Fulton, Arizona State University

An Empirical Model Development and Data Validation Effort for Missile Fragment Flash Characterization
Raymond Hill, Air Force Institute of Technology

Quantifying Gains Using the Capabilities-Based Test and Evaluation Method
Eric J. Lednicky and Rachel T. Silvestrini, Naval Postgraduate School

Invited Session 4A
Wednesday, 4pm-5:30pm
Title:  Bayesian Methods in Quality
Organizer:  James Flegal, University of California - Riverside
Chair: Mark Holland, University of Minnesota

A Bayesian Comparative Analysis of Neuronal Point Processes
Sam Behseta, California State University - Fullerton

Bayesian SPC for autocorrelated processes that are subject to random jumps
Panagiotis Tsiamyrtzis, Athens University of Economics and Business
Douglas Hawkins, University of Minnesota

"Bayesian Output Analysis: Can We Trust the Third Significant Figure?"
James M. Flegal, University of California, Riverside

Invited Session 4B
Wednesday, 4pm-5:30pm
Title:  Statistical Engineering - Case Studies
Organizer:  Christine Anderson-Cook, Los Alamos Laboratories
Chair: Peter Parker, NASA Langley

Statistical Engineering to Stabilize Vaccine Supply
Julia O’Neill, Merck

Statistical Engineering Perspective on Planetary Entry, Descent, and Landing Research
Sean Commo, NASA Langley

Modeling the Reliability of Complex Systems with Multiple Data Sources: A Statistical Engineering Case Study
Christine M. Anderson-Cook, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Invited Session 4C
Wednesday, 4pm-5:30pm
Title:  Measurement System Assessment
Organizer:  Stefan Steiner, University of Waterloo
Chair: Joanne Wendelberger, Los Alamos Laboratories

Assessing a Binary Measurement System with Varying Misclassification Rates
Stefan H. Steiner, Oana Danila and R. Jock MacKay, University of Waterloo

Assessment of Automated Data Acquisition and its Effects on Bacterial Profiling
Todd Sandrin and Connie M. Borror, Arizona State University

Assessing Properties of a Predictive Distribution Subject to Measurement Error
Brian Weaver, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Thursday, June 7

Invited Session 5A
Thursday, 8:30am-10am
Title:  Multivariate Quality Control
Organizer:  Marcus Jobe, Miami University (Ohio)
Chair: J. Marcus Jobe, Miami University (Ohio)

New Nonparametric Multivariate CUSUM Control Charts for Location and Scale Changes
Xin Zhang, Jun Li and Daniel R. Jeske, University of California - Riverside

Modified M-estimates for model-based cluster identification in multivariate control charts
Karel Kupka. TriloByte Statistical Software

An MCD and Cluster-based Monitoring Scheme for Retrospective Multivariate Individuals Process Data
J. Marcus Jobe. Miami University (Ohio)
Michael Pokojovy, Fachbereich Mathematik und Statistik, Universitat Konstanz, Germany

Invited Session 5B
Thursday, 8:30am-10am
Title:  Statistical Engineering - Successes and the Path Forward
Organizer:  Christine Anderson-Cook, Los Alamos Laboratories

QPRC Invited Panel:  Statistical Engineering – Successes and the Path Forward
Connie Borror, Arizona State University
Bradley Jones, JMP Division of SAS
Peter Parker, NASA Langley

Invited Session 5C
Thursday, 8:30am-10am
Title:  Biosurveillance
Organizer:  Ron Fricker, Naval Postgraduate School
Chair: Daniel R. Jeske, University of California - Riverside

Digital Disease Detection
Taha Kass-Hout, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Optimizing Biosurveillance Systems
Ronald D. Fricker, Jr., Naval Postgraduate School

A Comparison of Likelihood-based Spatiotemporal Surveillance Methods Under Non-homogeneous Populations
Sung Won Han, University of Pennsylvania

Invited Session 6A
Thursday, 10:30-Noon
Title:  Robust Methods for SPC
Organizer:  Karel Kupka, TriloByte Statistical Software
Chair: Karel Kupa, Trilobyte Statistical Software

Robust adaptive control charts
Gejza Dohnal, Czech Technical University, Prague

Diagnostics of the robustied least squares
Jan Ámos Víšek, Charles University, Prague

Computer Intensive Approach to the Evaluation of Cotton Yarns Complex Quality
Jiří Militký, Dana Křemenáková, Technical University Liberec, CZ

Invited Session 6B
Thursday, 10:30-Noon
Title:  Quality in Medical Sciences
Organizer:  Alan Safer, California State University - Long Beach
Chair: Larry Bartkus, Edwards Life Science Quality Assurance

Demonstrating Changes In A Process
Larry Bartkus, Edwards Life Science Quality Assurance

Capability Analysis for Balancing Cost with Quality
John A. Gomez, Beckman Coulter

Design of Experiments for the Medical Device Industry
Larry Bartkus, Edwards Life Science Quality Assurance

Invited Session 6C
Thursday, 10:30-Noon
Title:  SmartGrid Reliability
Organizer:  Meng-Lai Yin, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Chair: Allon Percus, Claremont Graduate University

Highly-Distributed Generation, Storage, and Automation in the Electric Utility Grid
Brian Hagerty, Claremont Graduate University

Hybrid Optimization for Grid Design
Mark Wilson, San Diego State University

Optimizing Transmission Expansion for Renewable Energy
Son Doan and Aisha Najera, Claremont Graduate University

Optimal SONET Ring Architecture for Best Reliability – A Modeling Approach 
Meng-Lai Yin, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona