Conference Program

NOTE:  All sessions (unless otherwise noted) will take place in the Husky Union Building (HUB) on the campus of the University of Washington.  Specific rooms may be found on the Schedule Overview tab.


Plenary:  Quality and Reliability Analysis in the Era of Big Data Presented by Bonnie Ray, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

***6/23/2014 Update: Opening plenary will now be given by our honored guest Doug Hawkins.

Session 1 (Invited):

1A:  Challenges in Analytics for Large and Complex Data Sources

Organized by Winson Taam & Peter Qian

Statistical Utilization of Complex Data: An Application in Pilot Fatigue Study  Presented by Christopher Gast, Boeing

Digital Experience Optimization: A New Application Area of the Design of Experiments  Presented by Vladimir Brayman, WebTrend

Zestimate: The Challenge of Big Data Analytics  Presented by Andrew Bruce, Zillow 

1B: Measurement Systems Analysis

Organized by Stefan Steiner. Moderated by Dan Jeske

The Same or Not Different?  The Use of Equivalence Tests in Quality Applications Presented by Connie M. Borror, Arizona State University West and Christine Anderson-Cook, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Assessing Binary Measurement Systems: A Cost Effective Alternative to Complete Verification  Presented byDaniel Severn, U. of Waterloo

Characterizing and Adjusting for Unknown Biases from Measurements  Presented by Brian Weaver, Los Alamos National Labatrory

1C: Design of Computer Experiments

Organized byJeff Wu. Moderated by Ranjan Paul

Space Filling Experimental Designs Using Lattices  Presented by Derek Bingham, Simon Fraser University

Calibration of High Dimensional Computer Model with an Application to a Cardiovascular System  Presented by Matt Plumlee, Georgia Tech

Optimization of Computer Experiments with Different Mesh Densities Presented by Xu He, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing

Poster Session:

Comparability Criteria for Biological Products  Presented by Hesham M. Fahmy, Associate Director Center for Mathematical Sciences, Merck & Co.

Text Categorization via Similarity Search: An Efficient and Effective Supervised Learning Algorithm Presented by Hubert Duan, Data & Decision Sciences Group, SESIT, Microsoft IT

Partial Antecorrelation Models with Independent Asymmetric Laplace Innovations Presented by Shu-Ching Chang, Doctoral Graduate, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Iowa

Phase I management using Normal predictive control charts  Presented by Panagiotis Tsiamyrtzis, Dept. of Statistics, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

Combining 2-Level and 3-Level Orthogonal Arrays for Factor Screening and Response Surface Exploration Presented by Jessica Jaynes, Assistant Professor of Statistics, Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nevada

Bayesian Inference of Paired Comparison of Relative Importance of Predictors in Linear Regression Presented by Xiaoyin Wang, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Towson University 

Aliasing in Random Field Model for Qualitative Factors Presented by Ming-Chung Chang, Graduate student, Institute of Statistics, National Tsing Hua University

Optimal Split-Plot Orthogonal Arrays Presented by Po Yang, Department of Statistics, University of Manitoba

Statistical Analysis of Failure Data for Wooden I-Joists Presented by Jon Lindenauer, Senior Statistician/ASQ CQE

Data Recycling in the Medical Device Industry Presented by Anita Dalrymple, Quality Assurance Engineer, BioFire Diagnostics, LLC

Sparse Trimmed Regression Presented by Emre Barut, Princeton University

Session 2:
2A: Technometrics  Session
Organized by Peihua Qiu. Moderated by Jun Li
Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion for Very Large Remote Sensing Datasets Presented by Hai Nguyen, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Geodesic Gaussian Processes for Modeling Free-Form Surfaces Presented by Enrique del Castillo, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University
Estimating Multiple Pathways of Object Growth Using Non-longitudinal Images Presented by Chiwoo Park, Florida State University

2B: Contributed
Moderator: M.Z. Anis 

Inference on Cpm for Autocorrelated Data Contaminated with Measurement Errors Presented by M. Z. Anis, Indian Statistical Institute

Planning Fatigue Tests for Polymer Composites Presented by Caleb King and Yili Hong, Virginia Tech and Stephanie P. DeHart and Patrick A. DeFeo, DuPont
Sequential Gaussian Classifiers Presented by Hyunkyoung Kim, University of California - Riverside
A Statistical-Physical Approach for Air Quality Forecasting Presented by Youngdeok Hwang, Kyongmin Yeo and Emre Barut, IBM Thomas J.
Watson Research Center
Intensity Estimation for Poisson Processes Used to Model a Real-Time Medication Event Monitor Presented by Yan Wang, Jie Shen, and Honghu Liu, UCLA

2C: Contributed
Moderator: Christina Mastrangelo

A Unified Framework for Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of Computational Models with Many Input Parameters  Presented by Li Gu and C.F. Jeff Wu, Georgia Institute of Technology

Sequential Bayesian Analysis of Definitive Screening Experiments Presented by Víctor Aguirre Torres, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México and Román de la Vara, Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas
Split Plots Pros and Cons Presented by Shari Kraber, Pat Whitcomb, Wayne Adams, Stat-Ease, Inc.
Stochastic Polynomial Interpolation for Uncertainty Quantification with Computer ExperimentsPresented by Matthias H.Y. Tan, City University of Hong Kong
Designing Experiments for Differential Equations Models Presented by Ben Parker, University of Southhampton

Session 3 (Invited):

3A: Statistics and Innovation

Organized by William Brenneman

Innovation, Six Sigma and Quality Technology  Presented by Douglas C. Montgomery, Arizona State University

The Statistician Role in Innovation at Lubrizol Presented by Robert G. Wilkinson, The Lubrizol Corporation

Driving Innovation Through Statistics at P&G Presented by William A Brenneman, Procter & Gamble Company

3B: Bayesian Methods for Modern Reliability Applications

Organized byShane Reese, Moderated by Paul Tobias

Power Grid Reliability: Identification of Probable Downed Lines from Phasor MeasurementsPresented by Scott Vander Wiel, Los Alamos National Laboratory

A Bayesian Nonparametric Framework for Combining Heterogeneous Reliability Data Presented by Richard Warr, Air Force Institute of Technology

Combining Information to Assess the Reliability of DoD Systems  Presented by Alyson Wilson, North Carolina State University

3C: Optimization of Blackbox Functions

Organized byAlex Forrester

Bayesian Adaptive Reconstruction of Profile Optima and Optimizers Presented by Clement Chevalier, Bern

Enhancing Improvement Criteria for Constraint Handling Presented by James Parr and  Alex Forrester, Southampton

Kriging-Based Multi-Objective Optimization Presented by Tobias Wagner. Presentation replaced by Bingham

Software Demonstrations: By conference sponsors JMP, Minitab, Stat-Ease, Trilobyte

Honored Guest Plenary:

A Random Walk in Useful Statistics Presented by Douglas Hawkins, University of Minnesota

Location: Guggenheim 220


Session 4 (Invited):

4A: Statistical Issues in Supply Chain Management

Organized by  Emmanuel Yashchin

Should Cost Tools – A View Into the Future Presented by  Martha Gardner, GE Global ResearchGeneral Electric

Data Analytics in Supply Chain Management  Presented byPaul Ranjan, Boeing

Some Aspects of Target-Setting in Supply Chain Monitoring Presented by Emmanuel Yashchin, IBM

4B: Recent Advances in Multivariate SPC

Organized byPeihua Qiu, Moderated by William Brenneman

Image Denoising and Defect Detection via Smooth-Sparse Decomposition Presented by Kamran Paynabar, Georgia Tech

A Distribution-Free Multivariate Control Chart  Presented by  Changliang Zou, Nankai University

New Nonparametric Multivariate Statistical Process Control Charts Presented by Jun Li, UC Riverside

4C: Applications of Computer Models and Uncertainty Quantification

Organized byDerek Bingham

A Case Study in Combining a Physical Model and Experimental Measurements for Atomic Nuclei Presented by Dave Higdon, LANL

Space-Filling Latin Hypercube Designs Based on Randomization Restrictions in Factorial Experiments Presented by Pritam Ranjan, AcadiaUniversity

Bayesian Optimal Design of Experiments for Prediction of Correlated Processes with Application to Computer Experiments Presented by  Dave Woods, University of Southampton

Session 5 (Invited):

5A: Statistics and Quality in Commerce Systems

Organized by Hongfei Li

Parameter Estimation for Ranked Nomination Networks Presented by Peter Hoff, U. of Washington

Obtaining Corporate Customer Insights for Banks Based on Payment Transaction Analysis Presented by  Hongfei Li, IBM Research

Risk-Aware Classification Validation  Presented by Wenjun Zhou, U. of Tennessee

5B: Quality Control Issues in Technology

Organized by  Emmanuel Yashchin

Layers of Experiment with Adaptive Combined Design: An Adaptive Sequential Experimentation Methodology for Nanofabrication Presented by HeeYoung Kim, Georgia Institute of  Technology

Statistical Challenges and Opportunities in the Semiconductor Industry Presented by  Joel Dobson,Texas Instruments

A Regularized Regression Procedure for Virtual Metrology Application Presented by Yada Zhu, IBM Research

5C: Design of Experiments

Organized by  Brad Jones

Blocking Schemes for Definitive Screening Designs  Presented by Chris Nachtsheim 

Space-Filling Designs in Nonrectangular Regions Presented by Ryan Lekivetz

Goal Oriented Design Augmentation Presented by Bradley Jones 

Session 6 (Contributed):

6A: (Contributed)

Moderator:Abdel-Salam Abdel-Salam

Combining Warping Functions and Functional Principal Component Analysis to enhance Profile Monitoring of Signal Data Presented by B.M. Colosimo , M. Grassoa, A. Menafogliob, and P. Secchib, Politecnico di Milano, Italy 
Novel Techniques for Phase I Profile Monitoring via Non-linear Mixed Models Presented by Abdel-Salam G. Abdel-Salam, Qatar University
EWMA Control Charts Monitoring Normal Variance When No Standard is Given Presented by Sven Knoth, Helmut Schmidt University, Germany

6B: (Contributed)

Moderator:Karel Kupka

Test of Nested Robustly Estimated Models Presented by Jan Amos Visek, Charles University in Prague
Regularized Regression and Variable Selection in Genomic and Financial Health Prediction  Presented by Karel Kupka, Trilobyte

Complex quality of Products and Evaluation of Distance from Target Variant  Presented by Jiří Militký and Dana Křemenáková, Technical University, Czech Republic 

6C: Natrella Scholarship Session

Moderator: Will Guthrie

Design and Analysis of Measurement System Comparison StudiesPresented by Nathaniel T. Stevens; StefanH. Steiner; R. Jock MacKay
Exploration of Repeated Measures Logistic Regression for Medication Adherence Presented by Erica Goodrich, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI


Session 7 (Invited):

7A: Statistics and Quality in Healthcare

Organized byNalini Ravishanker and Fabrizio Ruggeri. Moderated by Jim Benneyan

Healthcare Quality Engineering: Current Practice, Pitfalls, and Potential Presented by James Benneyan, Northeastern University

Building Interpretable Classifiers with the Bayesian List Machine  Presented by  Tyler H. McCormick, U. of Washington

A Weighted Pseudolikelihood Approach for Eliminating Ascertainment Bias and Improving Quality When Utilizing a Case-Control GWAS to Assess Genetic Association with Smoking Habits Presented by Elizabeth Schifano, U. Conn

7B: Analysis and Modeling of Reliability Data Using JMP 11

Organized by David Trindade

Analysis and Modeling of Reliability Data Using JMP 11 Jointly Presented by:

Leo Wright: Life Distributions, Fit life by X

Chris Gotwalt: Reliability Forecast, Growth, Block Diagrams

Dave Trindade: Recurrence Analysis, Degradation

7C: Bayesian Applications in Metrology at NIST

Organized byWill Guthrie

Bayesian Model Comparison for a Set of Lithium-6 Foils Presented by Will Guthrie, Statistical Engineering Division, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Sequencing Error Adjusted and Multiple Comparison Corrected Read Depth Estimation Presented by Daniel V. Samarov and Justin Zook

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June 24-26, 2014

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June 23, 2014
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